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What is the Ontario Disability Support Program?

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is intended to meet the needs of people with disabilities and help them to become more independent.

The ODSP has two parts:

  • Income Support provides financial assistance to people with disabilities

  • Employment Supports provides the supports people with disabilities need to get and keep jobs.

What is Income Support? 
Income Support provides financial assistance and other benefits to eligible people with disabilities and their families. This can include accommodation and basic living expenses as well as prescription drugs and basic dental care.

Who qualifies for Income Support?

To qualify:

  •  you must have a verified physical or mental disability that is expected to last a year or more;

  •  the disability must make it difficult for you to care for yourself, go into the community or to work;

  •  you must be financially eligible;

  •  you must be 18 years of age or older; and

  •  you must be a resident of Ontario.

Here are some of the other benefits available to you: ODSP recipients may be eligible to receive additional benefits, such as:

  •  Eyeglasses

  •  Hearing Aids

  •  Special Diet Allowance

  •  Diabetic Supplies

  •  Ostomy Supplies

  •  Surgical Supplies

  •  Transportation required to attend medical appointments

  •  Wheelchair/mobility device repairs and batteries

  •  Guide dog allowance

  •  Community Start-Up Benefit

  •  Employment Start-Up Benefit

  •  Extended Health Benefits

  •  Emergency Home Repairs

For additional benefits, please call your local ODSP office.

What are Employment Supports?

Employment Supports provide goods and services to eligible people with disabilities to help overcome barriers to employment.

Employment Supports are designed for people with disabilities who want to work, but need specific supports to help them prepare for, obtain and keep a job in their community.

What supports are available to help people with disabilities find or maintain employment?

The Employment Supports program provides a range of supports for people who have challenges finding or keeping a job, including:

  •  developing an employment plan

  •  technical aids

  •  interpreter, reader, note-taker and intervener services

  •  travel and orientation training and communication skills

  •  job placement services

  •  employment preparation and training

  •  self-employment

  •  job coaching

  •  job searches

A person with a disability who wants to work may qualify for Employment Supports even if they are not eligible for Income Support

How do I apply for ODSP?

For further information about the kind of help that may be available to you through the Ontario Disability Support Program visit the Ministry of Community and Social Services webiste or contact your local ODSP Office

To apply for ODSP online, click here

***If you are in immediate financial need, please call your local Ontario Works Office ***