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Social Services

Algoma District Social Srevices

Social Services

Algoma District Social Services (ADSS) offers a variety of social programs in the areas of Children’s Services, Housing Services and Ontario Works designed to strengthen the social, health and economic well being of the citizens we serve.  We develop and manage these services through an integrated service delivery model based on community planning utilizing a people-focused, results based approach.  This allows us to provide effective services and programs that are responsive to diverse individual and community needs.

Child Care Services

Child Care Services

ADSS provides overall Service System Management for Child Care to ensure that an integrated high quality child care and early years’ system is available to all families in our communities.  We support an affordable, accessible and accountable system that provides children with the opportunities to reach their full potential and sets the foundation for life- long learning. We provide child care fee subsidies to eligible parents and caregivers and support children with special needs.

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Housing Services

ADSS is responsible for the planning and management of housing and homelessness programs that reflects the realities and needs of our communities.  We recognize that stable, safe and affordable housing has positive effects on people’s lives and contributes to building and sustaining strong communities.  We offer a variety of affordable and rent geared to income housing units across the District and portable rental subsidy programs to address individual needs.

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Ontario Works

ADSS provides support to members of our communities who are in financial need and meet the eligibility criteria for assistance through the Ontario Works program.  Through this program, we can help with the cost of food, shelter, clothing and other household items.  We also provide employment assistance to eligible community members to help them find, prepare for and keep a job.  A variety of emergency assistance programs are available to help people who are in a crisis or an emergency situation.