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Housing Services

Housing Services

A person’s quality of life is highly improved when they have safe and affordable housing. This is a key determinant of an individual’s overall health.

Whether a person requires a place to call home or requires financial assistance to remain in their current rental accommodation, we have programs that may suit your needs.

Non-Profit Housing

These are RGI units dispersed within the Algoma District owned and operated by community based organizations. Communities with Non-Profit units are: White River, Wawa, Richard’s Landing, Thessalon, Blind River and Elliot Lake.

Affordable Housing Program:

There are 30 units within the Algoma District (10 apartments in Echo Bay, 10 Apartments in Dubreuilville and 10 semi-detached homes in Elliot Lake) owned by ADSAB which offer fordable market rents.

Public Housing

ADSAB owns and manages 264 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units in 10 municipalities within the Algoma District. RGI means that monthly rent is determined by a calculating 30% of the household’s total monthly gross income.


Direct Shelter/Strong Communities Rent Supplement Program:

This program offers eligible applicants RGI subsidy while residing in a privately owned rental unit. ADSAB pays a monthly shelter subsidy amount to the landlord. Funding is limited.

Commercial Rent Supplement Program:

30 RGI units are owned and managed by private landlords. These landlords have the landlord/tenant relationship while ADSAB has the rental subsidy relationship with the landlord.

AH Rent Supplement:

This is a top-up program where eligible applicants receive a monthly payment to assist with their rent. Funding is limited.

**NOTE: all housing programs delivered by ADSAB may have a waitlist managed in chronological date order.

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