Algoma District Services Administration Board Head Office

1 Collver Road
Thessalon, Ontario, P0R 1L0

Telephone: 705-842-3370
Fax: 705-842-3747

Administration Contacts

Keith Bell

Chief Administrative Officer
705-842-3370 Ext 247

Ann Chalut

Executive Assistant
705-842-3370 Ext 265

Shannon O’Connell-Bell

Manager of Human Resources
705-842-3370 Ext 253

Social Services Contacts

Nancy MacLean

Director of Social Planning and Service Standards
(Children’s Services – Primary Contact)
705-842-3370 Ext 250

Lisa Krug

Director of Finance and Infrastructure
(Housing Services – Primary Contact)
705-842-3370 Ext 232

Julie Strom

Director of Client Services
(Ontario Works – Primary Contact)
705-842-3370 Ext 240

Paramedic Services

Henry Alamenciak

Chief of Paramedic Services
705-842-3370 Ext 315