Paramedic Services

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  • Algoma EMS responds to over 6,000 calls for service each year.
  • Algoma EMS has 21 ambulances and emergency response vehicles.
  • Algoma EMS provides emergency prehospital care to the Algoma District covering approximately 57,000 sq kms.
  • Algoma EMS has a staff of 66 Paramedics.
  • Algoma EMS is operated by the Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) and has its headquarters in Thessalon, Ontario.
  • Algoma EMS has 8 bases located in the following communities:

Eastern Division

  • Elliot Lake
  • Blind River
  • Richards Landing
  • Thessalon

Northern Division

  • Dubreuilville
  • Hornepayne
  • Wawa
  • White River

New Lifesaving Tool (2006-02-01)

New Lifesaving Tool (2006-02-01) Algoma District Paramedic Services First in Province to Carry New Lifesaving Tool Thessalon, ON – 2006-02-01, 10:00 hrs The relatively new product, which is applied to a bleeding wound, was initially developed for the U.S. military to...

Pandemic Preparedness (2005-11-15)

Pandemic Preparedness (2005-11-15) Algoma EMS Paramedics Prepare for Influenza Pandemic Thessalon, ON – 2005-11-15, 11:15 hrs Algoma District Paramedic Services have begun preparing their Paramedics for a possible global outbreak, known as a pandemic, of a new...

Enhanced Emergency Coverage (2004-10-08)

Enhanced Emergency Coverage (2004-10-08) Algoma District Paramedic Services Enhances Emergency Coverage on the North Shore Thessalon, ON – 2004-10-08, 1415 hrs In another progressive step for public safety, Algoma District Paramedic Services, operated by the Algoma...

Ninth Annual Salute (2004-08-12)

Ninth Annual Salute (2004-08-12) Ninth Annual Salute to Emergency Providers Day Thessalon, ON – 2004-08-12, 1500 hrs Algoma District Paramedic Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the 9 th Annual Salute to Emergency Providers Day being...

Safe Driving Award (2004-07-22)

Safe Driving Award (2004-07-22) Algoma EMS Honoured with Safe Driving Award Thessalon, ON – 2004-07-22, 1400 hrs Algoma District Paramedic Services was recently invited to attend a black-tie dinner and celebration hosted by the Transportation Health and Safety...

Mass Casualty Incident (2004-07-07)

Mass Casualty Incident (2004-07-07) Algoma District Paramedic services Pleased With Response to Mass Casualty Incident Thessalon, ON – 2004-07-07, 08:30 hrs After having time to review and reflect on their response to the mass casualty incident that occurred on...

Exemplary Service Medal

Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal The Exemplary Service Medal was created on July 7, 1994, to recognize professionals in the provision of pre-hospital emergency medical services who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner, characterized by...