Paramedic Services

Emergency & Non-Emergency Work

Emergency Work

The prime mandate of Algoma District Paramedic Services is to provide out-of-hospital emergency medical care to the residents and visitors of the Algoma District.

Non-Emergency Work

The Algoma District has many people who are either admitted to or live in a healthcare facility. These people are often in need of healthcare procedures and/or consultations that regularly require them to travel to both Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, where the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has centralized many healthcare services, for example diagnostic testing, for the residents of Northeastern Ontario and the Algoma District. An ambulance should only be the method of choice for moving someone where:

  • the situation is an emergency
  • there is a need for a stretcher and the person is medically unstable and in need of an escort
  • a medical professional has determined that an ambulance is the most appropriate option to transport the patient.

Alternatively patients can be moved by an accessible taxi, family members, a transportation service offered by a volunteer organization or a private medical transport service, where available.

Algoma District Paramedic Services is pleased to assist residents and the local healthcare community with low-priority interfacility patient movement where an ambulance is the most suitable method of transportation. To this end we have put additional ambulances on the road in both Elliot Lake and Thessalon. However it must be recognized that, even with these additional resources, we can only move low-priority patients when the use of our limited resources will not jeopardize our prime mandate of emergency medical coverage.