Paramedic Services

Quality Assurance

The Algoma District Paramedic Services Quality Assurance program is overseen by the Deputy Chief of Algoma District Paramedic Services. The program is responsible for ensuring that the emergency medical patient care and transportation provided by paramedics is carried out at a consistent, standard and acceptable level. By constantly evaluating patient management and documentation, Quality Assurance is able to recognize strengths and weaknesses in the system and respond as necessary.

The Quality Assurance program helps establish a standard of care and identifies needs for training programs and education to ensure proper and professional care is provided at evolving levels. in addition to recognizing where improvement may be needed, the program identifies areas where paramedics are high performing and deserving of acknowledgment and positive feedback.

The Quality Assurance program consists of many different facets, some of which include direct paramedic service observation, documentation review, intermittent skills evaluations and a comprehensive orientation process upon hiring. Although we naturally concentrate on current practice, we evaluate our past and look to the future. We not only monitor our own trends such as response times and patient care but we also look outside and benchmark our practice against others in the field.

The Deputy Chief of Algoma District Paramedic Services is responsible for overseeing investigations and reporting on any internal or external concerns brought forward.

An effective Quality Assurance program provides the public with confidence that their emergency medical service is serving them with an established standard of care.