Please follow these steps to apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy.

Step 1:

To ensure successful completion of your Application for Child Care Fee Subsidy you will need to know what information is required. The following information is needed for all members of your household.

Documents Required (pdf)

Step 2:

Click on one of the links below for the printable “Application for Child Care Fee Subsidy”. The instructions on how to complete and submit the fillable Application for Child Care Fee Subsidy can be found on pages 6 to 8.

Application for Child Care Fee Subsidy (pdf)

Step 3:

Once received, your application will be date and time stamped and you will placed on the ADSAB Fee Subsidy Wait List accordingly. If there is a wait list for child care fee subsidy, you will receive a letter confirming that your application has been placed on the ADSAB Child Care Fee Subsidy Wait List.

If there is no wait list for child care fee subsidy, a Client Services Worker will contact you to schedule an appointment to determine eligibility. You must provide documents to support the information you provided in your application.

NOTE: You may be required to provide additional information when you finalize the application. By submitting the application form to the Algoma District Services Administration Board, you are agreeing to have your information entered into our data base. This information is considered confidential and is only used to determine your eligibility.

Step 4:

We will contact you once Child Care Fee Subsidy funds become available. You must obtain a Child Care Space Availability Form from the Child Care Centre of your choice to confirm space is available for your child at the centre of your choice.

Child Care Space Availability Form (pdf)

A Verification Interview will be scheduled for you upon receipt of the Referral Form. Please ensure you have all documents required with you at this meeting.


Appeal Process

Please contact your local office for information about the appeal process.

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