Paramedic Team

Our service employs approximately seventy provincially certified paramedics and is organized into Western and Eastern Divisions with four ambulance stations in each one.

Our Primary Care Paramedics assess, treat and transport their patients in accordance with both the provincial Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards.

In addition to basic patient care such as airway management, respiratory support, stroke care, wound care and CPR, Primary Care Paramedics provide excellent advanced patient care procedures such as:

  • Cardiac defibrillation
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Laryngotracheal Airway placement
  • Administration of the following medications:
    • nitroglycerin
    • salbutamol
    • epinephrine
    • glucagon
    • ASA
    • Dimenhydrinate
    • Diphenhydramine
    • Acetaminophen

First Response Team

First response teams are usually established in small communities and locations where it is not practical to establish a formal ambulance service due to low call volumes. Where the existence of a first response team can provide a source of trained volunteers capable of responding to a medical emergency, the CACCs will activate the team following the dispatching of the closest ambulance to the scene.

First response team members are usually the first trained help to arrive on the scene. Trained in assessing and treating the emergency patient, the first response team is the first link in the overall treatment of sometimes critically ill or injured individuals.

Where practical, first response teams are assigned to the closest ambulance service. The host service provides the team with day to day support and expertise as well as the replenishment of most supplies needed by the team. This arrangement ensures a close relationship between the first response team members and staff of the ambulance service and will encourage close understanding of each other’s roll when called upon to respond to a medical emergency.



Our ambulances are a combination of Crestline & Demers Type III.

Emergency Response Vehicles

Algoma District Paramedic Services has two (2) Ford F-150 4×4 pick-up trucks that are certified Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs).

These vehicles are used by Commanders for emergency response, to provide support to Paramedics and for administrative duties. There is one ERV assigned to each of the Eastern and Western Divisions.

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